Through The Lens is a national online lifestyle magazine that Kristelle and I created to help bridge the gap for freelance photographers and journalists as well as to inform and educate readers about what is happening around the country in entertainment. 

One of the biggest hurdles faced by photographers and journalists is gaining access to events without proper media credentials. Without a publisher supporting you, media credentials are virtually impossible to attain.  As a publisher, our goal is to provide access to various events allowing photographers and journalists to sculpt their portfolios and allow a platform to exhibit their work.  If you know a photographer or journalist that is looking for a publisher, please have them contact us at*

Also make sure to check Through The Lens out and let us know what you think.   We'd love to hear what you'd like to read about!

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*We will never ask for rights to your work or ask you to sign a rights release.  We also require all photographs to be watermarked with a logo for your protection.