Welcome to Marshall Maguire Photography!  I am so excited to have you here!  My name is Kristelle Maguire and I absolutely LOVE taking pictures.  I remember as far back as high school, being enamored by photographers.  I always thought it was absolutely amazing how an emotion, a story, a look or just a memory could be captured in a photograph.

After I became a mother, I realized even more how important photographs were, especially as my six kiddos decided to grow up and not stay little forever. Early in my children's lives, I invested in a decent 'mom' DSLR camera for everyday pictures as well as the amateurly posed family photos.  As satisfied with them as I was, I knew given the proper equipment, knowledge and practical experience, I could produce those same amazing photographs that I had admired early in my life. 

After working for two corporate photography companies for a few years and gleaning some phenomenal experience, I had the opportunity to pursue my own personal portrait business.   Marshall Maguire Photography was created as a way for me to pursue my passion for photography as well as help others to make sure their own emotions, stories, looks and memories are captured to cherish for generations to come.